Soul Connection

Clear residual negative energy that is blocking your full presence in the now of creation.

Brilliance Activation

Activate the unique combination of your God-given gifts.

Passion & Purpose

Awaken and ignite your leadership path.

Do you feel a yearning and not quite know how to satisfy it?

If so, your awareness is advancing – and your transformation begins with this new awareness.

This yearning indicates the magnetic draw by the inner you for your life’s advancement. 

You might have recognized this yearning for some time and not heeded that inner voice.  Or, perhaps this is a new awareness that is being birthed and is now keenly present.

The awareness that there is a gap between life as you are living it and the brilliance seeking to be expressed through you is a key step in transforming your life.

Your gifts are seeking expression only always – and their expression is important to the world.

Aligning your life with your soul’s calling is how true fulfillment is experienced.  Inner peace is simply a reflection of your fulfillment.

Signs Of Your Soul’s Yearning

You may feel:

  • You have lost the ability to love yourself.
  • It is difficult to love others.
  • You consistently put others first.
  • An obvious disconnect between you and the life you’ve created.
  • A longing for real love – that you have never truly experienced soul intimacy.

How I Can Help

My role is to help you find your passion by becoming clear on who you really are.  You see, your soul is always calling you to where your passion resides.

Your yearning is the gap between where you currently are and where your passion lies.

In my younger years, I struggled with the understanding of this.  I was raised to model what looked good to others, rather than heeding the quiet, inner voice of what would offer me fulfillment.  

You might also have been taught to be and do the things that society and family expected of you.  If so, you were trained to take on roles that looked good to others, while overlooking or even denying what you knew to be true to YOUR soul and its calling.

After decades of working with individuals who recognized the disconnect between the life they were living and the one that they desired, I have fine-tuned the steps that activate your brilliance, ignite your passion, and bring you the needed support and guidance in that process.

I believe in measurable results in a short amount of time – results that are palpable and noticeable right away. 

When you experience these foundational shifts, your life elevates and you begin operating from a much higher frequency.  This impacts everything that you do, welcoming even more brilliance into the now of your creation – and the seeds that you are planting into your future.

The path to embodying your brilliance is there for you – you just have to get on the path.

Step 1

Soul Connection

Clear residual negativity that is blocking your full presence in the now.

Step 2

Brilliance Activation

Activate the unique combination of your gifts.

Step 3

Passion & Purpose

Awaken and ignite your leadership path.

Start with your Discovery Session

This video call provides insights into where you currently are and then the outlining of some steps that will take you closer to the futures that you desire.  

Awareness is KEY to understanding what is MOST important to you and why you feel the way that you do. 

Identifying areas where you are stronger and then identifying the gap that creates the yearning in your soul are first steps in the process of fully releasing your brilliance.

During your Discovery Session the path becomes evident.

We will explore both paths forward.    Most people benefit from Path 1, while some might be in an intense phase of life or life expansion, and Path 2 is the better fit for them.  The Discovery Session is designed to offer an opportunity to reset to now and select the path that best fits you and your current expansion.

Path 1

Forgiveness Portal & Soul Essences Activation

The Forgiveness Portal and Soul Essence Activations are your next steps on this path.

Offered in a one-to-one virtual setting, The Forgiveness Portal serves to clean the canvas of past hurts.  Releasing the shadow energies from hurtful experiences allows the past to be parked and not repeated in the future.

The discovery and activation of your soul's essences is an adventure that results in the release of more and more of your gifts, illuminating your cleaner canvas in the now and your fueling your brilliant futures.

Path 2

VIP Sessions

The VIP SESSIONS offer a more intensive approach to releasing your brilliance.

These one-to-one sessions are tailored to give you a personalized experience with holistic growth.  The 6-month period includes bi-weekly calls that assist in realigning the many parts of your life to release your true brilliance.

The more that your gifts are embodied by you, the more brilliantly your light shines into the world and the more your leadership advances in the direction of your passion and purpose.

“I have worked with Jeanne for several years. Through her wonderful coaching, I have created a wonderful marriage that will reach 41 years later this year. Also my marriage is happier, healther, and more fun! I have learned to accept, approve, and appreciate my family, in-laws, and friends. This has created a more respectful, friendly, and loving relationships.

I am so blessed having Jeanne in my life that it’s truly difficult to put my feelings into words. Of course, through these relationship accomplishments, I had to start with me. Changing me. Understanding me. Understanding how holding onto old ways of coping and behavior were no longer helping me to be happy and live a more satisfying life. Not a path that gave me -the me I wanted to be. Finding a new path of joy, harmony, and trusting myself. Finding me and learning to become the authentic me. Being authentic has truly set me free.”

Debra M.



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