The spirit of grace is embodied by those who have chosen to leave judgment behind.

Grace might always be available to us, yet it eludes the many who instead select to reside in the emotional energy of past grievances. Sadly, that energy creates walls that prevent the full beauty of life from inhabiting us.

There is not one of us who has lived a perfect life – nor made every decision perfectly. Once the spirit of grace inhabits us, we know this and operate from the gentle wisdom of discernment. The beauty and gifts of others now become evident in ways they were not before.

🌟Through grace, every relationship (past and present) is elevated to a purer perspective.

🌟Through grace, life is now a fresher canvas of creation – where we can see things newly and with wiser eyes.

❤It is my calling to bring the message, understanding, and fresh future that forgiveness offers.

Through the spirit of grace, which is only received through forgiveness, you can then extend that grace into your relationships and into the world.