I have worked with Jeanne for several years. Through her wonderful coaching, I have created a wonderful marriage that will reach 41 years later this year. Also my marriage is happier, healthier, and more fun! I have learned to accept, approve, and appreciate my family, in-laws, and friends. This has created a more respectful, friendly, and loving relationships.

I am so blessed having Jeanne in my life that it’s truly difficult to put my feelings into words. Of course, through these relationship accomplishments, I had to start with me. Changing me. Understanding me.

Understanding how holding onto old ways of coping and behavior were no longer helping me to be happy and live a more satisfying life. Not a path that gave me -the me I wanted to be.

Finding a new path of joy, harmony, and trusting myself. Finding me and learning to become the authentic me. Being authentic has truly set me free.”

Debra M.

“After watching a video that Jeanne posted during Christmas of 2017, I decided to have a phone call with her. Jeanne’s wisdom and coaching helped me to navigate the most chaotic period in my life.
My father was diagnosed with stage 5 cancer and my marriage broke down because of an affair

To say my life was chaotic at that time was an understatement. How do I forgive an affair, what will happen next, will I and my daughter be ok? These were some of the questions that asked myself.

Jeanne’s work took me on a journey I never knew existed. She worked with me on forgiveness, knowing and recognizing my Essence, and opening my eyes to new opportunities and possibilities every day.

Jeanne’s work on helping us to build strong and lasting relationships and holding healthy boundaries as we move through life is highly recommended. I’m really pleased that I made the decision to work with her!”

Kayla C.

“I cannot believe how much I GAINED from that intensive.  I did not know that investing an afternoon with you would make that much of a difference.  You listened, you asked questions that I had not considered before, and your insights were spot-on.  You are so intuitive.  Thank you for spending that time with me.  I am reading one of the books that you suggested and cannot believe the changes in our household already.  I’ll be in touch – just wanted you to know how great I feel these days!”

Kelly K.

I cannot BELIEVE how awesome this group experience has been!  I have done many group programs and I’ve never felt so comfortable to share.  The group  that you created was filled with trust and wonderful interaction.

Thank you for such an amazing 7 weeks that we just shared!  My home life is already so different – SO much happier!”

Susanna W.

I just completed your 6-week program on creating a life-long love and it was just exceptional.  I cannot believe how much I learned and how easy it was to apply what you taught – not only to my relationship with Dan, but to my life.  What a change in how I respond and how he responds to me! 

Feeling more love, Jeanne!”

Jillian B.

“When I first started collaborating with Jeanne and learning with her, I truly didn’t believe that a forever love was for everyone, I thought I was meant to change and not expect the other person to be in the same commitment with me, nor to change with me, or me to change with them, therefore I never believed that a relationship could last forever for me.

At that moment, Jeanne helped me break the mental barrier I had at that point… Through her program, I learned what was mostly wrong in my previous relationships was me, and the incapability that I had at that moment to be fully vulnerable and giving with a partner.

She taught me to understand how I love, and how to love others, and most importantly, she taught me more about what I really wanted and needed from a partner, which led me to find a true, consistent, respectful, empathic, and loving relationship, in which I’m happily investing my time at the present moment and future.

The most amazing part about Jeanne is that she embodies love in every aspect of her soul and personality, she is a compassionate guide and mentor for those who choose to work with her.

I highly recommend having a mentoring session or taking a program with Jeanne, if you’re ready for love, you’re ready for her to lead you.

Sofía F.

I was introduced to Jeanne at a time in my life when I felt I needed direction not only in my professional but in my personal life as well. Jeanne is authentic and transparent. Her style of not telling me what to do but working together with me has truly brought success in every aspect. She does not have a cookie-cutter approach but individualize is her mentoring. Jeanne truly does push me to become the better/best version of what and who God has intended me to be.

Sharon B.

I can’t thank you enough for all your wisdom that helped me in my Forgiveness process. I experienced so many shifts in my life, physically as well as emotionally.

What I can say is that pains that I had been experiencing a while ago disappeared from one day to another just by experiencing forgiveness and the biggest effect (of course) is that I feel that I have recovered my life back, now I feel ALIVE – I have enough energy to go through the day without ending it desperate and exhausted. UUFFF the emotional shift is enormous!!!!!!!

I always heard about being grounded but up to now, I know exactly what it is because I live it. I now live the present moment I stop living by responding from my wounds from the past. Today I can see and feel my life exactly how it is, without carrying any emotions from the past. My relationship with my family has shifted to a higher level, I remember I had to make a great effort in order for certain situations to occur, while now everything flows without me forcing them to happen.

I recovered my life back, your wisdom guided me in a gentle and loving way that I felt so protected and secure to continue the forgiveness process without feeling rushed or pushed ahead to do it. You know that everyone has their own moments and you respect them. I truly believe that this experience has helped my Soul to expand in a new and a higher way. Thank You Thank You Thank You.”

Betty V.

“You have given me back the most precious love of my life.  I knew he was the one and I came close to losing him – and then I met you and I just knew you could help me.  I am so glad that I trusted you.  You are such a good listener and so intuitive in asking questions that brought me to the core of the issues.  That first intensive session is something that turned things around in a moment for me.  Thank you, Jeanne.   I will recommend you to everyone I know who needs your magic in their lives.”

Mia B.

I have to say that I delayed signing up for our half-day intensive session for more months than I should have.  Within the first hour, you absolutely nailed the problem.  This session was so valuable to me that I am not sure where I would be today without it.  In just 3 weeks, my relationship is stronger than I think it ever has been and I cannot wait to join your new group when it launches next month.  You are a treasure!”

Katrina L.

Your insights and guidance helped me to regain a sense of control that I had not had for some time.  That feeling is one that I have welcomed back into my life, Jeanne.  I cannot thank you enough for your generous giving during our time together.  I felt so empowered after our sessions and I appreciate how you have followed up with me.  The support truly has helped.  Thank you, again.

Doreen P.

“I just wanted you to know that you have helped me know EXACTLY what I want from my life and our relationship.  I cannot recall ever being so certain of myself and my future with Susan.  We are so much happier every day, and I know that the time we spent together and the principles you taught me were the game-changer.  Even my income has increased!  I actually miss our weekly meet-ups and appreciate that you check in on me.  Thank you, Jeanne.  Going strong in life, love AND business now!“

Sullivan B.

I guide you through the steps to bring the foundational shifts that elevate your relationship, increasing your personal happiness.

After decades of working with individuals who recognized the gap between the relationship they were creating and the one that they desired, I have fine-tuned the steps that help you to clear the slate of the past, activate your true brilliance, and then expand the connection with your partner – awakening and igniting new levels of expansive intimacy.  

These steps are time-tested and produce a high level of transformation.

The support and guidance that you need in that process is what I provide for you.

I believe in measurable results in a short amount of time –

results that are palpable and noticeable right away.