Last year I heard a well-known pastor say, “In every trial, there is a lesson and in every storm, there is a school.”

It was on a Sunday broadcast that I heard him say that, and I thought, how true!

It is life’s trials that have revealed the many lessons or sets of lessons throughout my life. Those trials have expanded my capacity and have definitely contributed to my development and the refinement of my perspective.

Here is something that life has taught me: If I dwell on what happened that didn’t go well or what is currently not going well, I risk not receiving that special opportunity to have a larger, more robust understanding and wisdom.

Wisdom is gleaned through such experiences – and to reject the experience as awful, grueling, horrible, or any other such feeling that wants to enter in is to miss the opportunity offered for wisdom and discernment to increase.

Just for today, I invite you to pause during an adverse moment and open to the opportunity for growth inside of it.

Will you accept that invitation?

I hope so. Your life will be greatly enhanced through the small adjustment of perspective.