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Trusted People Coach & Mentor

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Marriage starts before the wedding.  It starts in the form of a committed partnership, not with a legal piece of paper. 

It is a cherished energy of oneness, togetherness and common vision. 

Life happens while we are loving our partner, raising our children, serving our family, advancing our career, growing our business, helping aging parents, overcoming illness or physical set-backs, dealing with economic crises and downturns – and can challenge even the most committed of relationships.

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About Jeanne Fritch

Trusted people coach & MENTOR

If we’ve not yet met, I am Jeanne Fritch and I guide and mentor people in their lives and relationships.  As a Trusted People Coach, I assist those who want to improve their relationships, most often partner and family.

I have had the opportunity to serve my clients in:  keeping their families together and happy;  easing the strain of blended families; reconciling with their estranged spouse; connecting with and marrying the man or woman of their dreams; reconstructing a positive relationship with an “ex” for the sake of happier children; and improving their own level of happiness and fulfillment.

It is not enough to be in a relationship and trusting that everything will work out for the best.  Without certain understandings and practices in place, many partner relationships will experience separation and divorce, all at the expense of precious children whose lives are impacted by their parents’ choices.

I’m on a mission to help as many as I can to move their relationships back on track and to the land of “Happily-Ever-After”.


   You can be happy and feel fulfilled in all of your important relationships. 

Your partner relationship can be overflowing with love, respect and happiness. 

You can feel a sense of certainty and fulfillment in your marriage.

I can help you achieve all of that.

Here are some offerings that will help your relationship to be happier:

(Just know that simple principles can be leveraged to forever change

a partner or family relationship for the better.)

Relationship Clinic

       This session with Jeanne is designed to help you                swiftly get to the root of what is troubling you in your partner relationship.  The insights that you gain and the personalized plan are designed to bring  your relationship back to one of love, respect, & harmony 

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Intensive Session

      This half-day intensive with Jeanne will revitalize your relationship, through a thorough investigation of any current challenges it is experiencing, the providing of insights, then the designing of a course of action to aid in overcoming those challenges & resetting its course to a happier & more  harmonious path.

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VIP Programs

     Your relationship can be revived, repaired or restored  through this exclusive 1:1 mentoring experience with Jeanne, that is designed for your relationship’s complete turnaround.   Over a period of months, your partner relationship will have more of the harmony, love & respect that every great relationship possesses.

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Group Programs

    Guidance in basic areas of relationship challenges is made available to you through small group programs & workshops that Jeanne offers.  These high-touch programs help you gain insights into your partner relationship, while providing you with coaching to keep your most important relationships happy & harmonious.

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“I just wanted you to know that you have helped me know EXACTLY what I want from my life and our relationship.  I cannot recall ever being so certain of myself and my future with Susan.”

“I just wanted you to know that you have helped me know EXACTLY what I want from my life and our relationship.  I cannot recall ever being so certain of myself and my future with Susan.  We are so much happier every day, and I know that the time we spent together and the principles you taught me were the game-changer.  Even my income has increased!  I actually miss our weekly meet-ups and appreciate that you check in on me.  Thank you, Jeanne.  Going strong in life, love AND business now! “


“You have given me back the most precious love of my life.  I knew he was the one and I came close to losing him – and then I met you and I just knew you could help me.  I am so glad that I trusted you.  You are such a good listener and so intuitive in asking questions that brought me to the core of the issues.  That first intensive session is something that turned things around in a moment for me.  Thank you, Jeanne.   I will recommend you to everyone I know who needs your magic in their lives.”

Mia B.

“Happily-ever-after” is not just a dream from a fairy tale or a great romantic movie.

It is real and attainable in any partner relationship.


“Happily-ever-after” begins when we reaffirm our “why”,

understand the “how” and then take the inspired action to produce

a heightened level of love, harmony & respect that multiplies over time.


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