Old grievances are periodically reinforced through present-moment triggers, interfering with our fresh creation. This is something that we are not always aware is occurring and results in a constant drain on our energy.

Realizing that we can release the grievances that we retain from negative experiences is a positive moment in the pursuit of happiness.

We can take actions in the present that release the emotional attachment to the hurt of the past. This causes the release of fresh energy that moves us forward to happier lives.

Taking action to investigate and remove the past energy that FUELS the triggers is a big step in reclaiming our power.

In supporting and guiding others in the reclamation of their power and happiness within their partner relationships, I know that the release of past grievances and the baggage it brings is a primary step in that process.

The fresh canvas of today can only be maximized with full presence.

Releasing the energy stored in the locked cell of past grievances creates fresh energy that can be accessed in the present. That reservoir of fresh energy releases joy and a level of happiness unmatched previously.

How wonderful would your daily life be if you could release and transmute the unhappy past?