Appreciation is such a powerful energy within relationships. All relationships THRIVE when the spirit of appreciation is present.

So, what is appreciation?

It is the recognizing and enjoying of the good qualities of another. It happens when you are a “good finder”.

Appreciation is magic in all of your relationships – especially those you are partnered with daily.

There is an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt. In essence, the more exposure that we have to one another regularly, the more of our less optimal traits are exposed and noticed.

Partner relationships often experience a gap in “good finding”. The habit of criticalness or fault-finding can move in and create a culture of strife. This strife edges out the love and chemistry that fueled the relationship in its earlier days.

Intentionally being a “good finder” is a huge step in practicing appreciation and bringing some magic to your relationship. Noticing something that is GOOD about your partner and then focusing on that is a game-changer.

When a critical thought enters or you notice something non-optimum in the behavior of your partner, intentionally look for something about him or her to appreciate.

And – if you really want to expand the harmony and happy energy – tell him or her what you appreciate about them.

Through the regular practice of appreciation, any relationship can move into higher and higher realms of connection.