Most couples experience a sort of “magic famine” at some point in their relationship. When there are long-term, unmet desires for magical moments or romance by one or both of the partners, there exists this condition of “magic famine”.

Real-life circumstances can contribute to keeping the partners outside of the zone where the magic exists. Over time, the relationship’s focus shifts to a different syllable of life (career, children, health concerns, assisting parents), and the relationship gets put on “auto-pilot”.

As much as this may be a temporary, life-coping strategy, “automatic” is not a healthy setting for the emotional and energetic intimacy that most partner relationships require in order to be fulfilling over time.

Elevating your relationship is one of the greatest things that you can do for your own happiness AND for your partner’s. The magic that is woven within a relationship when one of the partners recognizes the “famine” and chooses to lead in the direction of elevating the magic is wonderful to experience.

Have you witnessed this level of relationship?

If you have, study it – as many aspects of it that you can extract and inspect. You will find that there is a level of intentionality that permeates it.

Being intentional is one of the keys to happy, lifelong relationships.