Has someone ever consistently just “rubbed you the wrong way”?

Those are truly not the best of feelings. Sadly, they can easily create contentiousness within any relationship.

Learning to generate a sense of approval of and for another is a relationship skill that can be developed.

It starts with acceptance: accepting what is. Accepting how things are is always the first step in advancing any relationship. Without accepting the person as they are, the spirit of approval cannot be cultivated.

Looking for things to approve of in another’s choices, personality, or actions is such a positive approach in any relationship. Intentionally focusing on things that you can find approval with (even the smallest thing) is a game-changer for all of your relationships.

This is a huge principle – especially In a partner relationship, where familiarity can easily breed contempt. Things can periodically pop up that irritate you about your partner. Practicing acceptance and then seeking to find things about him or her that you can smile about is such a good shift to make.

When you focus on things that you can find harmony with or that you appreciate in another, a spirit of approval naturally emerges. That spirit infuses and permeates the energy that flows from you to the other person.

Approval is palpable and it is felt like an energetic hug.

Can you practice approval today?