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Efficiency & Communications Coach

Born and raised in Belgium, Séverine moved to Cancun, México in 1999.  She is a mom, wife, business translator, efficiency and communications coach, transcendental rebirthing facilitator, and business owner.

She is the co-founder of the “Peace Starts At Home” movement and has supported various projects for benefit of personal development, such as “21 Days Of Faith In Action” and “Network for Human Empowerment”.

Séverine has participated as a lecturer for La Salle University in Cancún and as a speaker at different events that promote the development of women and responsible communication. She has also been a guest on various Radio and Television shows throughout Mexico to speak about these topics.

As Parent Talk Trainer of Trainers, Séverine teaches the Parent Talk System to promote Responsible Communication in Parenting and has integrated and adapted the 21 techniques from the Parent Talk System in a variety of courses she has created to help companies implement Effective Communication Strategies.

Séverine is a Senior Graduate of the Sheepless Life System.  In 2017 she united forces with its creator, Ivonne Delaflor, and co-founded the Sheepless Life (TM) Academy – which later became the Sheepless Life Online Program, bringing the teachings to  women internationally. This project has come to closure in the fall of 2020, but the 60+ Sheepless Life podcast episodes are still available for you to enjoy.

She has also been trained as a Transcendental Rebirthing Facilitator by Ivonne Delaflor and is implementing the Sacred Principles of TR in all her teachings.

Séverine is the Founder and CEO of SN Editorial, an editorial house dedicated to editing, designing, and publishing books created by authors focused on human development and who contribute enormous value to humanity.

In September 2020, she created the Efficient Living Program,  combining all of her skills to support high achievers gain focus and clarity, create structure, and establish effective communication in all aspects of their life, thereby nailing their purpose, and growing and move forward with certainty and fulfillment.


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