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Relationship challenges have increased with the demands and stressors of the past yearPartner relationships continue to bear the burden of navigating a new social culture and new economics. 

If your relationship was already stressed, it may even be struggling now.

A Discovery Call can bring new perspectives and a new path for your relationship.  This half-hour video call provides a private space for you to be heard and to receive some inputs that will help you on your path. 

The fee can be credited to any additional service that you may select after our call. 

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Essences are the energetic frequencies that combine to make you uniquely and wonderfully who you are.  They can be likened to the perfume of your soul. 

Once affirmed and activated, your essences bring your personal fragrance to the world in new and beautiful ways.

The more conscious that you are of your soul essences, the more your life is maximized.

Formerly only available to my 1:1 clients, my Essence Activation Sessions are now offered in a single session and a 3-session package options – currently reduced in celebration of my birthday month.  These virtual sessions are potent, powerful, and life-changing. 

In each session, you will discover, affirm, and activate your …

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The most important work that you will ever do for your personal happiness and for your partner relationship is forgiveness work.

Gaining an understanding of what forgiveness is and implementing specific practices that allow for true forgiveness to occur is what my FORGIVENESS PORTAL offers. 

This is an opportunity for you to release the past and expand more fully into your present and future. 

This 30-day intensive includes a private 90-minute video call in the first week and another private 60-minute call in the third or fourth week and private-messaging access throughout the month.

The current investment in the Forgiveness Portal is $777.

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This half-day, virtual session allows for a “deeper dive” into your relationship challenges – resulting in a greater sense of control and confidence.

We’ll sort through the ups and downs that you are experiencing while:

  • exploring your current relationship reality and the factors that have led to today.
  • getting a “big picture” overview of what can be done to improve your relationship.
  • focusing on specific areas in your relationship that will grow the biggest results.
  • establishing a specific plan to restore or revive your relationship.

Included is 2 weeks of email access to Jeanne for questions.

Your investment in the Intensive Session is  $888.

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1-to-1 Coaching Packages are available to those who need or desire a higher level of personalized support.

Packages are available for individuals, as well as couples.

This is a good fit for you if:

  • An important relationship is in trouble.
  • Your partner is threatening to leave you.
  • There’s talk of a trial separation or divorce.
  • Communication with a parent or partner is marginal.
  • Your relationships are in need of positive transformation.
  • You want to create a strong, solid partner-relationship.
  • You want the accountability of 1-to-1 for quicker results.
  • You know that you have to take action for the relationships in life to thrive.

The investment is determined by duration and requires a call to determine needs.  Message me here.

Group Programs & Workshops

These programs are run with the same standard of dedication and excellence that I pour into my private clients.

Offerings range from 4-week courses to 8-week interactive group experiences, and include extended life-mastery  groups.

These programs offer you information that will produce a happier, more loving home-life and they are for you if:

  • you want a life-long, loving partner relationship.
  • you are an ambitious business owner and could use some better relationship skills and home-life balance.
  • your relationship is lack-luster and needs some magic.
  • you know your children deserve the happy family experience you want to create for them.

Message me for details on my current group programs.

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I just completed your 6 week program on creating a life-long love and it was just exceptional.  I cannot believe how much I learned and how easy it was to apply what you taught – not only to my relationship with Dan, but to my life.  What a change in how I respond and how he responds to me! 

Feeling more love, Jeanne!



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