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The more that your gifts are embodied by you, the more brilliantly your light shines into the world and the more your leadership advances in the direction of your passion and purpose.

I offer a free Connection Call via Zoom or WhatsApp to review what is happening in your world.

This call lasts about 20 minutes and its purpose is to see if working with me is a good fit for us both.


An Invitation to Re-Connect With Yourself

Each Discovery & Clarity Session is personalized and holistic to honor each of the roles that you have in your life. 

You will gain new understandings, revitalize your perspective, and reveal expanding options to move your happiness quotient forward. 

This video call provides a private space for you to be heard and to receive inputs that will assist you on your path forward.   It will bring insights to offer you a new perspective.

Our conversation will focus on your life, your relationships, your purpose, and your potential.  It will bring a clearer perspective and offer some next steps to move forward on your path.

This session is currently priced at $111.

Path 1

Forgiveness Portal & Soul Essences Activations


The Forgiveness Portal and Soul Essence Activations might be next steps on this path.

Offered in one-to-one virtual sessions, The Forgiveness Portal serves to clean the canvas of past hurts and the negative energies of it that you are currently carrying with you (knowingly and unknowingly) into the now of your present.

Releasing shadow energies from hurtful experiences allows the past to be parked and not repeated in the future.

The discovery and naming of your soul’s essences is an amazing experience all its own.  Following forgiveness work and the cleaning of the slate of the past, your Soul Essences Activations bring the pure release of more and more of your gifts, serving to illuminate your now in the present and fuel your brilliant becoming.


Parking The Past

The most important work that you can do for your sense of happiness and well-being is forgiveness.

Incidents that occur – where a misunderstanding or an action was done to us, taken against us, or even perceived as a transgression done, including those done by us to ourselves – all of these things accumulate over your life.  They carry the emotional energies trapped in them.

How do these trapped emotions show up?

They are present as fear, resentment, guarded-ness discontent, judgmental assessments, and generally not liking yourself.  They also diminish your capacity to like, trust, and love others.

Those trapped, emotional energies diminish your core brilliance and allow less optimal, repeated patterns and relationships to exist in your life.  They are also produce an energetic burden that is reduces your capacity to be present in the now of each moment.  Your mind has a subconscious reel that is running in the background and is an unseen draw on your available energy and your joy.

Unforgiveness is like a cell that locks your energetic space. The Forgiveness Portal offers you an opportunity to clear the energetic debris from the past, opening more space for your expansion and new energy to fully enjoy today where the seeds of your future are being planted.


Restoring Your Vibrancy

Through the intentional identifying, naming, and activating of your soul’s essences, a new level of BE-ing becomes available to you.   It is through the understanding of who you really are and the gifts that were breathed into you at inception that your brilliance can be activated.

The clean canvas that forgiveness work establishes is further maximized through soul essences-expansion. When your soul essences are activated, you are transformed and begin operating at an incredibly high level of presence and awareness in all that you do.

Providing the framework for the birthing of new energy, this new awareness creates elevated levels of wealth within you and an enhanced flow of true brilliance.  This new embodiment of your gifts and strengths creates profound reverberations in all areas of your life.

There is power in the naming of something –

And when that naming activates within you the core sense of you – of yourself, of your amazing individuality, of your inspiring gifts, of your countless strengths – that naming is so clarifying that it is refreshing and empowering from the first moment of clarity.


Path 2

VIP Sessions

The VIP SESSIONS are for those who are moving through a significant life season.  They are also for those who have completed Path 1 and are seeking to advance their leadership in the pursuit of of their purpose.

These one-to-one sessions are tailored to give you a personalized experience and produce a holistic expansion of your life.  The 6-month period of our bi-weekly calls assist you in realigning the many parts of your life to release your true brilliance.

Elevate Your Futures

Guidance, support, and leadership all enter the game at this level of mentoring.  You know that there is a greater version of you calling you from within – and from the possibilities of your potential.

This mentoring vessel offers the personal inputs and accountability that elevate your results exponentially.  Learning, implementing, and confirming empowers you – giving your life and the world the benefits of your brilliance.

The 6-month investment provides a platform for the elevation of your brilliance, guiding you as you move forward into YOUR Brilliant Future.  That future becomes a magnetic pull, bringing prosperity in its wake.

“I was introduced to Jeanne at a time in my life when I felt I needed direction – not only in my professional but in my personal life as well. Jeanne is authentic and transparent. Her style of not telling me what to do, but working together with me has truly brought success in every aspect. She does not have a cookie-cutter approach, but individualizes her mentoring. Jeanne truly does push me to become the better/best version of what and who God has intended me to be.”

Sharon B.

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