Linda Heller - Contributor DOLL 2020


Teacher, Trainer, Mentor

Linda has been a teacher for all of her adult life.

She has also been a seeker: Linda has earned certification as a Level 4 Transcendental Rebirthing Trainer, a Conscious Connected Breathing Coach, an author, and a mediator. She has also studied other healing modalities and therapies.

Linda is the creator of the online program “3 Keys to Personal Freedom” that combines 3 systems of transformation and mastery:  The Sacred Principles of Transcendental Rebirthing, Conscious Connected Breathing, and Personal Power Language. She uses her training in these areas in both her online classes and when she offers 1:1 coaching.

Linda coaches adults who desire to deepen their self-mastery through the conscious use of language to transform their experience of their lives from a life happening to them to full participation and engagement with each moment an opportunity for change and even more awareness.

With Claudia Mardel, Linda has co-authored The Great Mother Speaks and co-created an online program “The Blessing Way “, that brings ritual into the 21st century.

She has also authored the book Invocation to Mindfulness.

Linda currently resides in Santa Barbara County, California.