Kayla COnley, Public Speaking and Presentations Coach


Public Speaking & Presentations Coach

Helping people fulfill their need for self-expression is Kayla’s true calling. She is passionate about helping business owners and professionals overcome their nerves, feel confident, and shine when speaking.

Currently residing in Chelmsford, Essex in the United Kingdom, Kayla has over 15 years of public speaking experience.  She has a degree in finance, an MBA, and has worked in the City of London for a number of years.

After speaking at her own graduations, she continued to attend speaking competitions, and in 2013 she received an award for the most improved speaker in her club. Completing her Women’s Institute speaking audition, she went on to deliver her showcase as a professional speaker at the London Professional Speaking Association (PSA) and became a member there in January of 2016.

Having been a shy child and the tendency to be an introverted teenager, she moved through them to develop mastery and now helps her clients with issues that have caused them embarrassment when presenting.

When not speaking or coaching others, her other passions include parenting her daughter, gardening, and cycling in nature. She also loves to cook, especially foods from many different parts of the world and her homeland of Jamaica.

Sharing a good meal, traveling, and learning about other cultures inspires her.