Jennifer Lee bio photo


Body-Mind-Spirit Transformational Facilitator & Prosperity Frequency Embodiment Coach

Jennifer Lee has been Licensed in Massage Therapy, Cupping Massage, and Lypossage; Certified in modalities including Transcendental Rebirthing, Quantum Healing, and Fitness Training, amongst other certifications.

She began her journey to health when she was 11 and at 20 she became Certified in Quantum Healing & began studying nutrition.  8 years ago she became focused on working out her body, at which point she realized that mindset and eating well meant nothing if it excluded building the quantum light quotient in the body.

Today, after studying under many many different energetic body functions and templates, incorporating elemental healing and her knowledge in bodywork as a Licensed Massage Therapist, she consolidated what she had learned  into her new fitness programs.  These have been developed to specifically focuses on widening the individual’s capacity for evolution, expansion, transmutation, & ultimately embodying more light.✨

A spiritually evolved person is without integrity if their body is not demonstrating integral strength, as integrity means all parts of one-self are in alignment.

Having invested years testing what works and what does not, Jennifer developed a holistic approach to sustainable and integral fitness which has produced a very high level of results for herself and others, that she now shares with the world.

Mastering the body and aligning the physical body with the wisdom of the mind is to embody a higher capacity of energetic power that translates into all of life.

Jennifer currently resides near Las Vegas, NV, serving her clients locally and virtually.

“It’s time to align who you are with Who you are.” – JL