Intensive Sessions

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These are powerful, half-day sessions with me. 

Yours will be a “mini-immersion” that can literally transform the way that you show up in your relationships.  It holds the capacity to bring you large and sustainable results. 

What you learn will greatly benefit you and any important relationship in your life. 

You will gain and advance tremendously from having invested this time together.  For lasting benefit, you will also have two weeks of email access to me, for any questions that emerge. 

Get started – Click through and make your payment.  From there, a confirmation email will arrive to your inbox and a request for best days and times for our session.

Thank you for everything that you shared during our intensive session last week.  You were so gracious in how well you listened to my jumbled thoughts and then helped me to connect things.  I really felt empowered by the end, even with the list of things that you gave me to do!  I’m not sure I have ever taken action so fast!   I’m already calmer and happier (and we are talking again).



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