Essence Activation Sessions

nces are the energetic frequencies that combine to make you uniquely and wonderfully who you are.  They can be likened to the perfume of your soul. 

Once affirmed and activated, your essences bring your personal fragrance to the world in new and beautiful ways.  The more conscious that you are of your soul essences, the more your life is maximized and the more your future is created in alignment with the light within you.

Formerly only available to my 1:1 clients, my Essence Activation Sessions are now offered in a single session and a 3-session package option.  These virtual sessions are potent, powerful, and life-changing. 

My training in Futuring enhances these activations, as I help you to discover and release more of your personal power in the creation of your life, your relationship, and your future.  In each session, you will discover, affirm, and activate your soul essences – releasing them consciously into your life and into your future.

Essence activation is an incredible investment in yourself.  It enhances every part of your life, including any partner relationship.  As you more authentically express yourself, new levels of confidence will expand into every area of your life.

This expansion becomes exponential over time,  positively impacting your life.  

Choose one session at $265 or a 3-session package for $685, offering a deeper dive into the “futuring” of your essences.

 Your insights and guidance helped me to regain a sense of control that I had not had for some time.  That feeling is one that I have welcomed back into my life, Jeanne.  I cannot thank you enough for your generous giving during our time together.  I felt so empowered after our sessions and I appreciate how you have followed up with me.  The support truly has helped.  Thank you, again.



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