The Discovery Call


Partner relationships have undergone significant changes in the past several decades, with relationship challenges increasing with life-changes.  

In 2020, new demands brought additional stressors and challenges, impacting most family units.  Partner relationships continue to bear the burden of navigating this new world-culture and new economics. 

If your relationship was already stressed, it might be struggling now.

A Discovery Call can bring you new perspectives and a new path for your relationship.  This half-hour video call will provide a private space for you to be heard and to receive inputs that are sure to assist you on your path.

The $150 fee can be credited to an additional service that you may select. 

 Your insights and guidance helped me to regain a sense of control that I had not had for some time.  That feeling is one that I have welcomed back into my life, Jeanne.  I cannot thank you enough for your generous giving during our time together.  I felt so empowered after our sessions and I appreciate how you have followed up with me.  The support truly has helped.  Thank you, again.



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