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Boundaries And Tacit Consents

When it comes to relationships, the setting of boundaries is a subject that frequently comes up.  These boundaries center specifically on how to be respected for personal preferences and be heard within any given relationship. In relationship coaching, the necessity...

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The 3 A’s Of Any Relationship Turn-Around

Photo by Andrii Podilnyk on UnsplashThere are three steps that I help people apply for any relationship turn-around.  It's something that I first read in author Les Giblin's book How To Have Confidence And Power With People.  For well over a decade I have utilized...

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Fathers and Dads

It's Father's Day in the United States (where I live) and that is cause for much remembering, as well as celebration.  My own husband is a father to 3 and a step-father to 2.  That means dinner and phone calls (for those at a distance) and cards and deliveries --- and...

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Canoeing Is A Lot Like Relationships

If you have ever canoed, you know that there is some skill needed for the forward movement of the boat. Like canoeing, happy partner-relationships require some skill to successfully arrive to their destination. When you are singly in a canoe, you are responsible for...

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Fruit On The Tree

 It's been over 30 years since I discovered the importance of daily personal development in my life. For some of you reading this … that's a lifetime! For me, it's been about a lifetime of personal development - on a daily basis and I can only say that I wish that I...

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I cannot BELIEVE how awesome this group experience has been!  I have done many group programs and I’ve never felt so comfortable to share.  The container that you created was filled with trust and wonderful interaction.

Thank you for such an amazing 7 weeks that we just shared!  My home life is already so different – SO much happier!



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